I am Netball Summer Camps

Coming up in July there are some great Summer Camps. The camps are solely based around fitness and the fitness you need to play netball. They consist of different cardio elements which may include running, sprinting and skipping. Then there will always be a large amount of ball skills involved, but again highlighting the importance of fitness. Then there will be core / resistance training included. So it’s less about the tactical side of training, however by improving your fitness your game will improve as well.
They are every Monday and Wednesday evening for  weeks starting 4th July at the Sports Centre from 18:00 – 20:00. Sessions are £3 each and are open to all levels of players and fitness levels.
For more information email Tallisa: i-am-netball@hotmail.com

1 thought on “I am Netball Summer Camps

  1. Went last night, all I can say is woah! Tallisa really puts you through your paces. Well worth £3 a session, I’ll be going to them twice a week. There will be ball skills as well some weeks & it’s a great way to push yourself and get fit 🙂 x

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